We also offer free food from Chicago Gyro's during our afternoon $2-5 NL Live Games!

Poker Union is THE premiere private poker club in the Phoenix area. As a members-only venue, we strive to promote the fun and entertainment of poker in a social gaming environment.

We will build the Poker Union brand as a place where friends can gather and play a “home game away from home”. We will provide the safest, cleanest, best-run facilities in the Valley, utilizing the most professional floor managers, dealers, security and cage personnel we can retain.

We will champion the cause of the Poker Players Alliance that poker is a sport; a game of skill more than mere chance or dumb luck, and not gambling in the same vein as other casino games where the house has an active stake and decidedly advantageous odds. Poker was played in Arizona long before casinos took over the game and claimed it as their own. It is time we take back what has always been ours and reclaim a game enjoyed around the world by men and women of every age, race and creed.

Poker Union gives back to the community and sponsors charity tournaments and special events. We offer weekly freerolls, high hands of the week bonuses, and much more! We also send players to the WSOP!   Join The Poker Union!

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Poker Rooms

All Tournaments Offer an Add On at the 1st Break!

The Add-On Amount is always 50% of the tournament buy-in.

500 Bonus Chips For Being On time, We Accept Late Buy Ins!

Nightly Live Games

$1-2 No Limit Start @ 9:00p.m.

1st Sunday of The Month


10k Starting Chips

2k Early Sign Up Bonus

Players earn double points by playing in the 2pm Tournaments 
    during the weekends or the cash games from 3pm - 8pm